These Unpleasant and Unhealthy Things Lurk In Your Office Carpets

commercial carpet cleaningMost people hardly give the office carpet much thought, until someone spills a cup of coffee or drops a pizza slice. The carpets get a “little” office cleaning treatment and everyone gets to their usual business.

Unfortunately, hardly anyone notices that this fluffy and beautiful expanse of flooring is a giant petri dish that harbours zillions of harmful pollutants like bacteria, germs, mould, mites and dirt.

Such (filthy) carpets not only hurt your business reputation but can your employees less-focused, affecting their productivity. Vacuuming, even if it’s done regularly, cannot remove these contaminants. You need professional office carpet cleaning who have the right tools, experience and knowledge of making the workplace immaculately clean and fresh as a daisy, without damaging its fabric.


How to get rid of black ants?

Get Rid of Black AntsAustralia is home to numerous ant species, but Australian black ants are considered particularly annoying. With an average of 4-7 thousand workers and a queen that can live up to three decades, means you have to struggle with a serious infestation. In most cases, you need to call a professional pest control service provider.

However, there are some simple tips you can follow to restrict the ant infestation in your home:
Identify the Source of the Outbreak.
Typically thriving in colonies under the kitchen sinks, under the door or other moist space, ants generally show up to forge for food or look for water.


Why Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Your Office is Essential?

carpet-cleaningUnless there is an unpleasant stain or mess on the carpet, most of us don’t even think about calling a professional carpet cleaner. Most people will get it vacuumed every week, assuming the carpet is clean. Unfortunately, commercial carpet cleaning is not that simple!

An office carpet has to withstand heavy footfall, and therefore it takes the maximum beating. Moreover, over time the dirt, dust, and other pollutants get trapped in the carpet, ruining the delicate fibres. Besides, such an unhygienic carpet is bad for the business’s reputation!

Here are a few reasons why you should hire a professional office carpet cleaner and get all the carpets in your office cleaned.



Types of Carpets and their Effect on Cleaning

carpet-cleaningRegular carpet cleaning is as necessary as our home cleaning. Carpet manufacturers recommend vacuuming twice a week. Instead of cleaning your carpets on your own, hiring professional carpet-cleaning services in Brisbane is the convenient option to prevent discolouration and premature wear.

But in many ways, choosing the right carpeting is an important decision for your home or business. Not only it makes sense cosmetically, but it can also be a practical option for cleaning and maintenance. For example, when experience a flood and have wet carpets in Brisbane, you require a carpet drying service, and only a professional cleaning company can thoroughly clean your wet carpets.