These Unpleasant and Unhealthy Things Lurk In Your Office Carpets

Most people hardly give the office carpet much thought, until someone spills a cup of coffee or drops a pizza slice. The carpets get a “little” office cleaning treatment and everyone gets to their usual business.

Unfortunately, hardly anyone notices that this fluffy and beautiful expanse of flooring is a giant petri dish that harbours zillions of harmful pollutants like bacteria, germs, mould, mites and dirt.

Such (filthy) carpets not only hurt your business reputation but can your employees less-focused, affecting their productivity. Vacuuming, even if it’s done regularly, cannot remove these contaminants. You need professional 
office carpet cleaning who have the right tools, experience and knowledge of making the workplace immaculately clean and fresh as a daisy, without damaging its soft fabric.

When you hire a commercial carpet cleaning service, they eradicate these unhealthy things that lurk in every office carpet:

1. Food Residues

Modern-day workplace culture is getting quite flexible. You can grab a bite of your favourite sandwich while working on your desk. There’s no harm in doing so, except the food crumbs that hit the floors also feeds the bacteria thriving in the carpet. Even if you grab grub in the break room, there are chances of bringing the residues of food back into the carpeted areas.  The food morsels or drink spills tend to percolates through the carpet fibres. The organic material in these residues eventually breaks down leaving a trail of stains and a repulsive foul odour. Vacuuming the carpet with regular cleaner helps, but unfortunately, it doesn’t address the stuff that permeated deep.

2. Mould and Mildew

Decaying food residues, extreme moist conditions and bug activities are the major contributors of mould and mildew formation. Mould can ruin the carpet, leaving behind the green and grimy ugly spots that gives out a musty smell. Mould requires moisture to thrive, therefore it’s important to thoroughly clean the carpet after a spill and call a professional cleaner to restrict the mould formation.  Moreover, the water from leaking pipes behind the walls seeps through the carpets causing a mould outbreak which can ruin the carpet, beyond repairs. Hence, whenever you feel an unpleasant musty smell filling up your office, immediately hire professionals to do the job.

3. Microscopic Dust Mites

Tiny creatures ferreting around the lunchroom cabinets or under the bathroom sink, sometimes find their way to workplace floors. Among the various critters, the dust mite tops the list of the worst offenders. Their microscopic size gives them an advantage, as it makes it impossible to see them with naked eyes.  These mites thriving in the carpet means you are inhaling these microscopic creatures on a daily basis. Moreover, the dust mites contaminate the surrounding air by spreading their fecal debris. Only a heavy-duty powerful vacuum cleaner can effectively pull out these creatures; therefore, hiring professional office carpet cleaners is a necessity to get fresh and healthy carpets.


Office carpets are perhaps the most overlooked piece of furnishings, which eventually leads to bad rep among the business associates and less productive team of employees. In both cases, business suffers. Call Maxigard for comprehensive
commercial carpet cleaning services.