How to get rid of black ants?

Australia is home to numerous ant species, but Australian black ants are considered particularly annoying. With an average of 4-7 thousand workers and a queen that can live up to three decades, means you have to struggle with a serious infestation. In most cases, you need to call a professional pest control service provider.

However, there are some simple tips you can follow to restrict the ant infestation in your home:

Identify the Source of the Outbreak.

Typically thriving in colonies under the kitchen sinks, under the door or other moist space, ants generally show up to forge for food or look for water. Since they use a chemical to mark their pathway, you can quickly detect their source. Therefore, the first thing to do is find their source and try to seal it, restricting their growth.

Clean Your House Thoroughly

One of the most effective ways to restrict ant infestation is to clean every corner of your home thoroughly. (Hire a cleaner if you are struggling with time constraints and have a tight schedule). Thorough cleaning discourages future infestation by dissipating the chemical trails (left by ants to mark their track), which makes it harder for them to get back to their colonies.

Spray White Vinegar Along the Trail

Spraying white vinegar along the ant trail acts a deterrent. This solution makes the chemical traces in their path to vanish, consequently leaving the ants disoriented and eventually preventing them from entire your house.

Put Cinnamon At The Entry Points.

Just like vinegar, putting a piece of cinnamon near the entry points act as a natural deterrent. Though this method can prove effective only against certain species; it’s just another harmless method you can try before the infestation goes out of control.


The tips mentioned above can only prove effective only during the early stages of infestation. If the ant infestation goes out of control, schedule a visit from professional pest control to help you fight ant problem.