Types of Carpets and their Effect on Cleaning

carpet-cleaningRegular carpet cleaning is as necessary as our home cleaning. Carpet manufacturers recommend vacuuming twice a week. Instead of cleaning your carpets on your own, hiring professional carpet-cleaning services in Brisbane is the convenient option to prevent discolouration and premature wear.

But in many ways, choosing the right carpeting is an important decision for your home or business. Not only it makes sense cosmetically, but it can also be a practical option for cleaning and maintenance. For example, when experience a flood and have wet carpets in Brisbane, you require a carpet drying service, and only a professional cleaning company can thoroughly clean your wet carpets.

Maxigard offers professional carpet cleaning in Brisbane, for virtually every type of carpet.

All carpet is not created equal.

Many features determine how thoroughly a carpet will clean up, such as the type of fibre it is made of, the age of the carpet, cleaning intervals, what kinds of soil are in the carpet, what methods of professional cleaning was done in the past, and the list goes on.

Let’s discuss how different carpet types clean up differently and what kinds of carpet you may want to select for your home based on your lifestyle.

Fibre MaterialsMaterials of carpet

Most carpeting range available is made using one of three materials: nylon, wool,  polyester. Each of these materials reacts to spills, dirt, dust, differently.

Nylon: Nylon fibres don’t require special cleaning care as they stand up well to spills, grit, and mildew. However, low-quality nylon carpets can be susceptible to wear and may need deep-cleaning more frequently.

Wool: Wool is the most sensitive material for spills, stains, and wear, so it needs to be vacuumed and deep-cleaned on a regular schedule.  If it is scrubbed, you could damage and ruin your carpet.

Polyester: Polyester accumulates stains more easily and wears down quickly than nylon or wool. Polyester carpet cleaning is durable due to its synthetic quality.

Blended: It is quite often used to make loop pile carpet and does hold up very well in high traffic areas, and cleans fairly well.

Pile Type

Carpet fibres come with three types: cut pile, loop pile, or cut-and-loop pile.  It is easy to clean loop pile carpets, and they also trap lower rates of dirt and dust. Some pile types require special care when drying or cleaning.

Pile Length

Carpet pile length can vary a bit between low and high pile options. Small and medium pile carpeting is easy to vacuum and clean. High pile carpeting, however, is a difficult one to clean using traditional cleaning method. High pile carpeting can even require special cleaning equipment. Most vacuums aren’t built for long fibres and can damage shag or plush carpets. It means you might need to call a professional carpet cleaning service.

Not sure which carpet cleaning method would be best for your home’s carpets? Call our professionals for wet carpet drying and cleaning in Brisbane.