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Bond Cleaning Service

Moving into a new place is not very difficult. However, leaving the rental place in the very same initial condition can be a tricky affair. Maxigard’s bond cleaners are here in Brisbane to rid you of this anxiety. Getting your bond back will also be our problem once you hire us, and we are well known for giving an ideal bond clean in Brisbane. We guarantee our clients that they will receive their bond back once we are done cleaning their rental residential or commercial premise.

We provide a professional cleaning service in Brisbane that takes care of everything that concerns the end-of-lease cleaning requirements. That is the extent to which an end of lease cleaning job in Brisbane should be done to get every dollar you paid, back to you. Our main focus is on keeping a tab on the checklist that your landlord or agent provides. And we ensure that no matter how much time it takes, we check each item off that list and leave you only with peace of mind.

Our Main Areas of Focus:

  • Full clean up of each room in the residential or commercial property
  • Cleaning the walls, skirting boards, and sills
  • Cleaning the oven and range hood
  • Bathroom cleaning and sanitisation – showers, toilets, and fixtures
  • Eliminating cobwebs and other unwanted growth such as mold
  • Thorough scrubbing and cleaning of upholstery and furniture
  • Cleaning the mirrors to sparkling spotless
  • Cleaning the light fixtures
  • Cleaning electrical appliances
  • Carpet vacuuming, deep cleaning and deodorising
  • Floor cleaning and scrubbing – wood, tiles, vinyl
  • Pest control

Our bond cleaners in Brisbane are exceptionally trained and highly experienced when it comes to not letting even a single small spot slide. We examine the property with immense detail before, during and after our job is done. This ensures that you can be rest assured and just wait till your bond is returned to you. Yes, all of it!

Why Choose Us?
  • Highly experienced bond cleaners- dealing with all types of properties
  • Over 20 years of expertise at work on every job no matter how big or small
  • Guaranteed results that will get you your bond money back
  • End of lease cleaning carried out by trained and certified professionals
  • No hidden costs involved. What you’re quoted is what you’ll pay
  • State of the art machinery and non-toxic, children safe chemicals
  • Friendly and courteous staff, willing to help and communicate throughout the process
  • Extensive range of cleaning services to compliment your ‘Exit Clean’. For details, please enquire.
  • Eye For Detail – Prior to and during the cleaning process. Starting at ceiling height all the way down to floor level.
  • Meticulous Reporting System Checklist – Assuring the job is executed properly
  • Eliminating the issues that may arise and affect the bond return
  • We make sure that the property is secure at completion of bond cleaning
  • Most importantly, guaranteed return if there are issues needing to be rectified

If you’re looking to make your rental home feel and look new again for the next tenant, give your friendly neighborhood cleaners a call at 1300 629 442 or drop us your questions at We will provide the highest degree of bond cleaning services for you!

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