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The upholstery in our house is hardly ever attended to. We usually tend to the carpets and run our vacuum cleaners over them once a week or so. But when was the last time you cleaned your couches or loungers with the same care and attention?

We spend long days working outdoors or travelling to and from our places of work. After which a lot of us like to exercise and keep in shape. That is how our lifestyle is and we should be proud of having a healthy lifestyle. However, bringing all the elements of the outdoors and sweaty bodies on to our upholstery is something that may not catch your attention.

Maxigard professionals have their keen eyes out for upholstery cleaning in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. Each upholstery cleaner in Brisbane that works for Maxigard is a licensed and experienced professional with an eye for detail.

Upholstery cleaning services in Brisbane & the Gold Coast cannot be done straight away like Carpet Cleaning jobs. This is because upholstery is made from distinctly varying materials that act in different ways when exposed to certain non-toxic chemicals and cleaning techniques. Therefore, our primary concern is to check the colour fastness of the fabric that needs to be cleaned.

An overview of the Process:

The process is started out with a pre-clean, which involves removing the loose particles off the surface of the upholstery. By this point we have already checked the colour fastness of the fabric in order to avoid any de-colouration or shrinkage. Following which, we undertake a series of cleaning methods involving steam and touch-safe chemicals to remove dirt and soil from the depths of the fabric in question.

Why Choose Us?
  • Over 30 years of experience with all types of upholstery
  • Special Leather treatment available on request
  • No hidden charges involved. What we quote is all that you will pay
  • State of the art machinery and a wide range of non-toxic, children safe cleaning solutions
  • Quick turn-around time for jobs of all sizes
  • Friendly and courteous staff
  • Fabric fastness and colour guarantee
  • Multiple cleaning services provided all across Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


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